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PLC for civil engineering equipment


Objet : Management of automatic mixture and spreading of tar on the road. Regulation of the vehicle\'s speed and the pump\'s speed. Regulation of the height and width of the spreading ramp. Collection of information (temperature, weight, etc...). Keyboard and back card applications are programmed through ISAGRAF software.

Presentation :
. 1 on-board operator console with keyboard, graphic display, jets\' statement and control visualisation.
. 1 card located in a cabinet at the back of the vehicle and receiving interfaces of inputs, outputs, communication, as well as a CPU. the communication between these two devices is ensured by a CAN bus.
. Output on printer with horodating of the characteristics (work, road surface, weight, spreading duration, temperature, etc...)

Technical features

Power supply :
* 24 V battery

Inputs :
* keyboard / 8 commands / 24 digital / 3 frequency
* 2 analog inputs / incremental coders
* Option for other analog inputs.

Outputs :
* 96 relays outputs modulo 16
* 1 static output 1 A / 24 V, motor regulation
* 1 static output 0/10 V , pump regulation

Communication :
* 1 CAN bus between console and back card
* 1 RS 232 link for both devices for data loading
* 1 RS 232C link with an external printer

Dimension :
* Console : 240 x 300 x 50 mm
* Back card : 250 x 350 mm


(console and back card)
* Microprocessor 16 bits AMD AM186ES
* "FLASH" PLC memory
* HCMOS logic

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