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Multirange flashing relay - 2 CO contacts - 5 A.

Pluggable on front wiring socket (9705) or rear wiring socket (9723)

Detailed table of the coil resistance data is available in the technical support pages of this site or can be sent upon request.



Operation principle

Timing range selector on front face :

1-A : 0,2 to 2 s
1-B : 2 to 20 s
2-A : 20 to 200 s

Timing adjustable by potentiometer.

Visualisation of the output state by LED.

Technical features

Function flashing
Presentation under cover
Connection on front or rear wiring socket
Number of mechanical operations > 30.000.000
Operating temperature - 25 to + 55°C
Storage temperature - 40°C to + 80°C
Climatic protection reinforced climatic protection
Shock voltage 50 g - 11 ms
Dielectric strength 2,5 KV - 50 Hz
Insulation resistance > 1.000 MOhms (500 VDC)
Weight 130 g.

Coil data

  Direct current Alternative current
Min. nominal voltage DC 12 V 220 V
Min. nominal voltage AC 127 V 220 V
Operating range -20/+10% of nominal voltage
Power requirement max 4 VA


Number of contacts 2
Max. load current 5 A per contact
Low power switching 100 VA with min. voltage 1 V or I Min 1 mA
Short-circuit load 100 A / 30 ms
Response time (bounce time not included) DC < 20 ms - AC < 20 ms
Bounce time 100 ms

Operation diagram



Following options are available for relay 1753 : mechanical indicator, test push-button, withdrawal. It can bear CENELEC numbering. All options to be mentioned on the order.

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