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According to customers’ requirements (technical knowledge, realization time, and cost objective), TEC AUTOMATISMES Group will give, thanks to the skills of its 3 companies, the most suited answers :

  • The mass production is realized in Tunisia (RAI)
  • The short delivery time orders are realized in Picardie (TEC AUTOMATISMES)
  • All mechanical parts and subsets are realized in Ile de France (BOYER)

Our technical team is composed of 15 engineers and technicians who are divided between R&D department and methods & industrialization department. 10 people are in charge of new products development.

Our manufacturing is realized by 80 workers divided into the 3 companies. They use performing tools allowing us to fulfill your requirements.

From the technical schedule of conditions to the industrialization phase, including the development and the prototype realization, we have all design, manufacturing and test means at our disposal to implement our different skills:
TEC AUTOMATISMES realizes more than 300,000 electromechanical products per year for small series or mass production orders. Each product order fulfills specific customer’s characteristics or requirements
  • Design means : our engineers and technicians work on high-tech software for the development of new products or the adaptation of standard products to your requirements..

                                                                                               Solidworks - Ems
  • Production means : Machines and tools for our factory workers are perfectly adapted to the little, medium and mass production. All manufacturing steps (winding, mechanical components realization, assembling and test) are realized in our manufacturing workshop.

  • Test means : the quality team controls the products issued from the manufacturing lines on customized test and control benches to ensure the total adequacy of each relay or solenoid with the technical specifications which have made their reputation.

TEC AUTOMATISMES realizes its electronic cards in « CMS » or « through hole » technology.
  • Design means : : our R&D department works with development tools and fully adapted to the technological evolution in automation and communication. Our engineers and technicians are trained continuously to remain in line with the evolution of their working tools.

                               Indusoft web studio                                                                                     Labwiew            

                             RightWon configuration Suite                                                                       MPLab-X
  • Production means : our product manufacturing is divided between 2 companies to control the cost without any impact on the quality and reliability. Our factory workers always have at their disposal the necessary qualifications and tools.

  • Test means : for each product or automation system developed by our engineers, there is a test bench perfectly adapted to the final control of functions and technical specifications in order to guarantee an optimal operation.

We realize standard or tailor made equipment which can include the initial design, the realization of switchboards and programmable controllers, and the start-up of the equipment. More than 2,500 switchboards and panels are realized every year in our workshop of Picardy.
  • Design means : our team in charge of electrotechnical projects has skills, software and a specific organization allowing quotation and design of your electrical switchboards and panels in the best delivery times.


  • Production means : our wiring workshop has a great operation autonomy allowing our operators to assure the electrical switchboards and panels manufacturing in the delivery times imposed by your market.

  • Test means : controls and tests made in our workshop allowing us to assure you an optimal operation of the electrical switchboards or panels you implement.

  • Design means : we have essential software and tools to create our own manufacturing tools, and also to realize the prototypes which will allow you to be assured of the adequacy of the products we develop with your requirements.

  • Production means : our operators have at their disposal all the machines (conventional and numeric lathes, cutting presses with automatic line, laser cutting machines, resumption presses, milling machine, electro-spark machining centre…) they need to guarantee the best flexibility in the treatment of your requirements while keeping the control of the manufacturing cost. This large number of machines allows us to realize all our prototypes, cutting tools and injection moulds

  • Test means : after each product manufacturing, our operators and technicians control thoroughly the dimensions respect with our metrology tools.


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