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Autómatas programables


Bank sas management system


Purpose : System making it possible to control the opening and closure of an access sas.



The main console is the interface between the staff and the sas.

It has a 2 channel intercom, a badge reader, a speaker and a
telephone set.



Power supply :

24 VDC

Inputs :

  • Interface 6 ON-OFF inputs


Outputs :

  • Interface 4 ON-OFF outputs (2 instant relays / 2 static relays)
  • Set of LED indicators


Size :

  • Console : 266 x 141 x 54 mm
  • PLC card : 222 x 70 mm

Communication :

  • MODBUS RS 485 inter equipment link
  • RS 232C programming link 


  • A programmable and adaptable mother board
  • An I/O extension card,
  • A console
  • An inter-equipment telephone link.


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