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Relais instantanés et de Fonction

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Impulse relay - 2 CO contacts  - 5 A.

Pluggable on the following sockets : 9876, 9877, EVB/GE, EVC/GE, ER/GE 2.8 et ER/GE.



Principe de fonctionnement

Function selector switch on front face ("F" on closing - "O" on opening).

Fixed impulse time between 0.3 and 0.45 seconds.

Recycling time : 500 ms
Repeatability : + or - 1%
Time accuracy (according to cumulated variation factors) : + or - 10% T.

Visualisation of the output state by LED.

Protection of the selections by closable front cover.

See the operation diagram hereafter.

Schéma de principe


Fonction impulse
Présentation under cover
Raccordement on front or rear wiring socket
Température de fonctionnement - 10 to + 55°C
Température de stockage - 40°C to + 80°C
Rigidité diélectrique 2,5 KV - 50 Hz - 1 mn
Masa 100 g.


  Courant continu Courant alternatif
Tension nominale mini. 24 V 24 V
Tension nominale maxi. 125 V 240 V
Domaine d'action -20/+10% of nominal voltage


Número de contactos 2
Courant permanent maxi. admissible 5 A per contact
Commutation faible recharge 100 mVA with min. voltage 1 V or I min 1 mA
Surcharge de court-circuit admissible 100 A - 30 ms


Reinforced climatic protection and withdrawal are proposed as options.

For any complementary information regarding mounting and withdrawal, please refer to the technical support pages of this site or contact us.

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